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Julien Morizio - Tutor, Consultant, Researcher

Julien has taught in diverse education settings. He began his teaching career working for the Cree School Board in Northern Quebec. 
After obtaining a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from McGill University, Julien worked with Kapawe’no First Nation to help establish a new school for the Nation. As the school’s principal, he played a key role in developing an educational plan that integrated provincial academics with traditional Cree teachings.
In the school’s inaugural year, Julien led its teacher team to win the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence. 
Beyond the classroom, Julien contributes to the field of Education through independent research initiatives and remains committed to supporting Kapawe’no Education by securing funding through grants and Jordan's Principle. At McGill University, he serves as a course lecturer and field supervisor, teaching a course on Indigenous Education to pre-service teachers while mentoring aspiring educators completing internships in Montreal and Northern Quebec.

Anthony Musto - Researcher

Anthony is currently pursuing a degree in Sociology at Concordia University, building upon his passion for understanding human behavior and societal dynamics. Prior to this, he successfully completed a DEC in Criminology from Champlain College in which he gained a deep understanding of the criminal mind and its connection to broader societal challenges. He is driven by a deep curiosity to explore the complexities of social issues and is keen to understand the meaning behind human behaviour. Additionally, his experience as an elementary student tutor has pushed him to understand the fundamentals of teaching and its significance. His mission is to potentially share his knowledge and admiration for the social sciences, aspiring to teach criminology or sociological theories to others, fostering a deeper understanding of these fields.

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